November 18 All Events

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November 18th, 2005 (November 18 2005)DeathHarold J. Stone, American actor (born in 1911)
November 18th, 2004 (November 18 2004)EventRussia officially ratifies the Kyoto Protocol.
November 18th, 2004 (November 18 2004)DeathCy Coleman, American composer, songwriter and pianist (born in 1929)
November 18th, 2003 (November 18 2003)EventIn the United Kingdom, the Local Government Act 2003, repealing controversial anti-gay amendment Section 28, becomes effective.
November 18th, 2003 (November 18 2003)EventThe congress of the Communist Party of Indian Union (Marxist-Leninist) decides to merge the party into Kanu Sanyal s CPI(ML).
November 18th, 2003 (November 18 2003)DeathMichael Kamen, American composer (born in 1948)
November 18th, 2002 (November 18 2002)EventIraq disarmament crisis: United Nations weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix arrive in Iraq.Hans Blix Quotes
November 18th, 2002 (November 18 2002)DeathJames Coburn, American actor (born in 1928)
November 18th, 1999 (November 18 1999)EventIn College Station, Texas, 12 are killed and 27 injured at Texas A&M University when a massive bonfire under construction collapses.
November 18th, 1999 (November 18 1999)DeathPaul Bowles, American novelist (born in 1910)Paul Bowles Quotes
November 18th, 1999 (November 18 1999)DeathDoug Sahm, American musician (born in 1941)
November 18th, 1994 (November 18 1994)DeathCab Calloway, American bandleader (born in 1907)
November 18th, 1993 (November 18 1993)EventIn South Africa, 21 political parties approve a new constitution.
November 18th, 1992 (November 18 1992)BirthNathan Kress, child actor
November 18th, 1991 (November 18 1991)EventShiite Muslim kidnappers in Lebanon set Anglican Church envoys Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland free.
November 18th, 1991 (November 18 1991)EventAfter the siege of Vukovar, the Croatian city of Vukovar capitulates to besieging Yugoslav People s Army and allied Serb paramilitary forces.
November 18th, 1991 (November 18 1991)DeathGustav Husak, President of Czechoslovakia (born in 1913)
November 18th, 1988 (November 18 1988)EventWar on Drugs: U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs a bill into law allowing the death penalty for murder in regards to drug traffickers.Ronald Reagan Quotes
November 18th, 1988 (November 18 1988)BirthJeffrey Jordan, son of Michael Jordan
November 18th, 1988 (November 18 1988)BirthMontanna Thompson, English actress
November 18th, 1987 (November 18 1987)EventIran-Contra Affair: The U.S. Congress issues its final report on the Iran-Contras Affair.
November 18th, 1987 (November 18 1987)EventKing s Cross fire: In London, 31 people die in a fire at the city s busiest underground station at King s Cross St Pancras.
November 18th, 1987 (November 18 1987)DeathJacques Anquetil, French cyclist (cancer) (born in 1934)
November 18th, 1986 (November 18 1986)BirthNic Sampson, New Zealand actor
November 18th, 1986 (November 18 1986)DeathGia Carangi, American model (AIDS) (born in 1960)
November 18th, 1985 (November 18 1985)EventThe comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, created by Bill Waterson, first appears in 30 newspapers across the U.S.
November 18th, 1985 (November 18 1985)EventWashington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann s playing career comes to an end when a sack by the Giants Lawrence Taylor snaps Theismann s legs, this was seen by a national audience on Monday Night Football.Ann Taylor Quotes
November 18th, 1985 (November 18 1985)BirthChristian Siriano, Winner of Project Runway, Season 4
November 18th, 1984 (November 18 1984)BirthJohnny Christ, American musician (Avenged Sevenfold)
November 18th, 1984 (November 18 1984)BirthRyohei Chiba, member of Japanese boy band w-inds.
November 18th, 1984 (November 18 1984)DeathMary Hamman, American writer and editor (born in 1907)
November 18th, 1983 (November 18 1983)BirthJon Johansen, Norwegian software developer
November 18th, 1983 (November 18 1983)BirthTravis Buck, American baseball player
November 18th, 1982 (November 18 1982)EventDuk Koo Kim dies unexpectedly from injuries sustained during a 14-round match against Ray Mancini in Las Vegas, Nevada, prompting reforms in the sport of boxing.
November 18th, 1982 (November 18 1982)DeathDuk Koo Kim, Korean boxer (born in 1959)
November 18th, 1981 (November 18 1981)BirthChristina Vidal, American actress
November 18th, 1981 (November 18 1981)BirthGian Magdangal, Filipino singer and actor
November 18th, 1980 (November 18 1980)BirthOkada Junichi, singer and actor (member of V6)
November 18th, 1980 (November 18 1980)BirthDustin Kensrue, American Singer/Songwriter (Thrice)
November 18th, 1980 (November 18 1980)BirthFrancois Duval, Belgian rally driver
November 18th, 1980 (November 18 1980)BirthLuke Chadwick, English footballer
November 18th, 1980 (November 18 1980)DeathConn Smythe, NHL coach 1927-1931 (born in 1895)
November 18th, 1979 (November 18 1979)DeathFreddie Fitzsimmons, baseball player (born in 1901)
November 18th, 1978 (November 18 1978)EventJonestown incident: In Guyana, Jim Jones leads his Peoples Temple cult in a mass murder-suicide that claims 918 lives in all, 909 of them at Jonestown itself, including over 270 children. Congressman Leo J. Ryan is assassinated by members of Peoples Temple shortly beforehand.Leo J. Ryan Quotes
November 18th, 1978 (November 18 1978)BirthDamien Johnson, Northern Irish footballer
November 18th, 1978 (November 18 1978)DeathJim Jones, American cult leader (suicide) (born in 1931)Jim Jones Quotes
November 18th, 1978 (November 18 1978)DeathLeo Ryan, U.S. Congressman (born in 1925)
November 18th, 1977 (November 18 1977)BirthTrent Barrett, Australian rugby league footballer
November 18th, 1977 (November 18 1977)BirthFabolous, American rapper
November 18th, 1977 (November 18 1977)DeathKurt Schuschnigg, Austrian politician (born in 1897)
November 18th, 1977 (November 18 1977)DeathVictor Francen, Belgian actor (born in 1888)
November 18th, 1976 (November 18 1976)BirthShagrath, Norwegian singer (Dimmu Borgir)
November 18th, 1976 (November 18 1976)BirthMona Zaki, Egyptian Actress
November 18th, 1976 (November 18 1976)DeathMan Ray, American artist (born in 1890)
November 18th, 1975 (November 18 1975)BirthDavid Ortiz, Dominican baseball playerDavid Ortiz Quotes
November 18th, 1975 (November 18 1975)BirthJason Williams, American basketball player
November 18th, 1975 (November 18 1975)BirthAnthony McPartlin, British actor and television presenter
November 18th, 1975 (November 18 1975)BirthShawn Camp, American baseball player
November 18th, 1974 (November 18 1974)BirthChloe Sevigny, American actress
November 18th, 1973 (November 18 1973)BirthNic Pothas, South African/English wicket-keeper
November 18th, 1972 (November 18 1972)BirthJessi Alexander, American country music singer/songwriter
November 18th, 1972 (November 18 1972)BirthRobert Shapiro, American politician/humorist
November 18th, 1972 (November 18 1972)DeathDanny Whitten, American musician and songwriter (born in 1943)
November 18th, 1970 (November 18 1970)EventU.S. President Richard Nixon asks the Congress of the United States for $155 million USD in supplemental aid for the Cambodian government.
November 18th, 1970 (November 18 1970)BirthElizabeth Anne Allen, American Actress
November 18th, 1970 (November 18 1970)BirthMike Epps, American actor
November 18th, 1970 (November 18 1970)BirthMegyn Kelly, American television news anchor
November 18th, 1970 (November 18 1970)BirthJohan Liiva, Sweden vocalist (Arch Enemy)
November 18th, 1970 (November 18 1970)BirthPeta Wilson, Australian actress
November 18th, 1969 (November 18 1969)BirthSam Cassell, American basketball player
November 18th, 1969 (November 18 1969)BirthDuncan Sheik, American Singer/Songwriter
November 18th, 1969 (November 18 1969)BirthAhmed Helmi, Egyptian Actor
November 18th, 1969 (November 18 1969)DeathJoseph P. Kennedy, Sr., American politician (born in 1888)
November 18th, 1969 (November 18 1969)DeathTed Heath, British musician and bandleader (born in 1902)
November 18th, 1968 (November 18 1968)BirthBarry Hunter, Northern Irish footballer and manager
November 18th, 1968 (November 18 1968)BirthRomany Malco, American actor and music producer
November 18th, 1968 (November 18 1968)BirthGary Sheffield, American baseball player
November 18th, 1968 (November 18 1968)BirthOwen Wilson, American actor
November 18th, 1967 (November 18 1967)BirthJocelyn Lemieux, Canadian ice hockey player
November 18th, 1966 (November 18 1966)BirthJorge Camacho, Spanish poet
November 18th, 1965 (November 18 1965)DeathHenry A. Wallace, Vice President of the United States (born in 1888)
November 18th, 1963 (November 18 1963)BirthDante Bichette, American baseball player
November 18th, 1963 (November 18 1963)BirthPeter Schmeichel, Danish footballer
November 18th, 1963 (November 18 1963)BirthLen Bias, American basketball player (died in 1986)
November 18th, 1962 (November 18 1962)BirthKirk Hammett, American guitarist (Metallica)
November 18th, 1962 (November 18 1962)BirthJamie Moyer, American baseball player
November 18th, 1962 (November 18 1962)DeathNiels Bohr, Danish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1885)Niels Bohr Quotes
November 18th, 1960 (November 18 1960)BirthKim Wilde, British singer
November 18th, 1960 (November 18 1960)BirthElizabeth Perkins, American actress
November 18th, 1959 (November 18 1959)BirthJimmy Quinn, Northern Irish footballer and football manager
November 18th, 1958 (November 18 1958)BirthDaniel Brailovsky, Argentine football manager
November 18th, 1958 (November 18 1958)BirthOscar Nunez, Cuban American actor
November 18th, 1957 (November 18 1957)BirthSean Mac Falls, Irish-born poet
November 18th, 1956 (November 18 1956)BirthNoel Brotherston, Northern Irish footballer (died in 1995)
November 18th, 1956 (November 18 1956)BirthWarren Moon, American football player
November 18th, 1955 (November 18 1955)BirthCarter Burwell, American composer
November 18th, 1954 (November 18 1954)BirthJohn Parr, British pop singer
November 18th, 1954 (November 18 1954)BirthEvan Gray, New Zealand cricketer
November 18th, 1953 (November 18 1953)BirthAlan Moore, British comic book writer and novelistAlan Moore Quotes
November 18th, 1953 (November 18 1953)BirthKevin Nealon, American comedian and actor
November 18th, 1952 (November 18 1952)BirthDelroy Lindo, British actor
November 18th, 1952 (November 18 1952)BirthPeter Beattie, 36th Premier of Queensland
November 18th, 1952 (November 18 1952)DeathPaul Eluard, French poet (born in 1895)Paul Eluard Quotes
November 18th, 1951 (November 18 1951)BirthJustin Raimondo, American author
November 18th, 1950 (November 18 1950)BirthGraham Parker, English singer
November 18th, 1950 (November 18 1950)BirthEric Pierpoint, American actor
November 18th, 1948 (November 18 1948)BirthAndrea Marcovicci, American singer and actress
November 18th, 1948 (November 18 1948)BirthJack Tatum, American football player
November 18th, 1947 (November 18 1947)EventBallantyne s Department Store fire, Christchurch, New Zealand, kills 41 (New Zealand s worst ever fire)
November 18th, 1947 (November 18 1947)BirthJameson Parker, American actor
November 18th, 1946 (November 18 1946)BirthAlan Dean Foster, American author
November 18th, 1944 (November 18 1944)BirthWolfgang Joop, German artist, fashion designer and art collector
November 18th, 1943 (November 18 1943)EventWorld War II: Battle of Berlin (air), 440 Royal Air Force planes bomb Berlin causing only light damage and killing 131. The RAF lost nine aircraft and 53 air crew.
November 18th, 1943 (November 18 1943)EventHolocaust: Aktion Emtefest: Nazis liquidate Janowska concentration camp in Lviv, western Ukraine, murdering at least 6.000 surviving Jews.German SS leader Fritz Katzman declares Lviv (Lemberg) to be Judenfrei (free from the Jews).
November 18th, 1942 (November 18 1942)EventHolocaust: German SS carry out selection of Jewish ghetto in Lviv, western Ukraine, arresting 5.000 "unproductive Jews". All get deported to the Belzec death camp.
November 18th, 1942 (November 18 1942)BirthLinda Evans, American actress Evans Quotes
November 18th, 1942 (November 18 1942)BirthSusan Sullivan, American actress
November 18th, 1941 (November 18 1941)BirthDavid Hemmings, British actor (died in 2003)
November 18th, 1941 (November 18 1941)DeathWalther Nernst, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1864)
November 18th, 1941 (November 18 1941)DeathChris Watson, third Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1867)
November 18th, 1941 (November 18 1941)DeathEmile Nelligan, Quebec poet (born in 1879)
November 18th, 1940 (November 18 1940)EventWorld War II: German leader Adolf Hitler and Italian Foreign Minister Galeazzo Ciano meet to discuss Benito Mussolini s disastrous invasion of Greece.Benito Mussolini Quotes
November 18th, 1940 (November 18 1940)EventNew York City s Mad Bomber places his first bomb at a Manhattan office building used by Consolidated Edison.
November 18th, 1940 (November 18 1940)BirthQaboos ibn Sa id, Sultan of Oman
November 18th, 1939 (November 18 1939)BirthMargaret Atwood, Canadian writerMargaret Atwood Quotes
November 18th, 1939 (November 18 1939)BirthBrenda Vaccaro, American actress
November 18th, 1938 (November 18 1938)EventTrade union members elect John L. Lewis as the first president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations.
November 18th, 1936 (November 18 1936)BirthDon Cherry, American jazz trumpeter (died in 1995)
November 18th, 1935 (November 18 1935)BirthRudolf Bahro, German dissident (died in 1997)
November 18th, 1934 (November 18 1934)BirthVassilis Vassilikos, Greek writer, Greece s ambassador to UNESCO
November 18th, 1932 (November 18 1932)BirthNasif Estefano, Argentine racing driver {died in 1973)
November 18th, 1930 (November 18 1930)EventSoka Kyoiku Gakkai, a Buddhist association later renamed Soka Gakkai, is founded by Japanese educators Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda.
November 18th, 1929 (November 18 1929)Event1929 Grand Banks earthquake: Off the south coast of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean, a Richter magnitude 7.2 submarine earthquake, centered on Grand Banks, breaks 12 submarine transatlantic telegraph cables and triggers a tsunami that destroys many south coast communities in the Burin Peninsula area.
November 18th, 1928 (November 18 1928)EventRelease of the animated short Steamboat Willie, the first fully synchronized sound cartoon, directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, featuring the second appearances of cartoon stars Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. This is also considered by the Disney corporation to be Mickey s birthday.Walt Disney Quotes
November 18th, 1928 (November 18 1928)BirthOtar Gordeli, Georgian composer
November 18th, 1927 (November 18 1927)BirthHank Ballard, American musician (died in 2003)
November 18th, 1926 (November 18 1926)EventGeorge Bernard Shaw refuses to accept the money for his Nobel Prize, saying, "I can forgive Alfred Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize."George Bernard Shaw Quotes
November 18th, 1925 (November 18 1925)BirthGene Mauch, American baseball manager (died in 2005)
November 18th, 1924 (November 18 1924)BirthAlexander Mackenzie Stuart, Baron Mackenzie-Stuart, president of the European Court of Justice (died in 2000)
November 18th, 1923 (November 18 1923)BirthAlan Shepard, American astronaut (died in 1998)
November 18th, 1923 (November 18 1923)BirthTed Stevens, American politician
November 18th, 1922 (November 18 1922)BirthLuis Somoza Debayle, Nicaraguan president (died in 1967)
November 18th, 1922 (November 18 1922)DeathMarcel Proust, French novelist (born in 1871)
November 18th, 1920 (November 18 1920)BirthMustafa Khalil, Prime Minister of Egypt (died in 2008)
November 18th, 1919 (November 18 1919)BirthJocelyn Brando, American actress (died in 2005)
November 18th, 1918 (November 18 1918)EventLatvia declares its independence from Russia.
November 18th, 1918 (November 18 1918)BirthTasker Watkins, Welsh World War II hero (died in 2007)
November 18th, 1917 (November 18 1917)EventSigma Alpha Rho, a Jewish high school fraternity, is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
November 18th, 1917 (November 18 1917)BirthPedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer (died in 1957)
November 18th, 1916 (November 18 1916)EventWorld War I: First Battle of the Somme endsIn France, British Expeditionary Force commander Douglas Haig calls off the battle which started on July 1, 1916.
November 18th, 1915 (November 18 1915)BirthKen Burkhart, American baseball player and umpire (died in 2004)
November 18th, 1911 (November 18 1911)BirthAttilio Bertolucci, Italian poet and writer (died in 2000)
November 18th, 1909 (November 18 1909)EventTwo United States warships are sent to Nicaragua after 500 revolutionaries (including two Americans) are executed by order of Jose Santos Zelaya.
November 18th, 1909 (November 18 1909)BirthJohnny Mercer, American lyricist (died in 1976)
November 18th, 1908 (November 18 1908)BirthImogene Coca, American actress and comedian (died in 2001)
November 18th, 1907 (November 18 1907)BirthCompay Segundo, Cuban musician (Buena Vista Social Club) (died in 2003)
November 18th, 1906 (November 18 1906)BirthKlaus Mann, German writer (died in 1949)
November 18th, 1906 (November 18 1906)BirthGeorge Wald, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (died in 1997)
November 18th, 1906 (November 18 1906)BirthAlec Issigonis, Greek-British car designer, developer of the Mini (died in 1988)
November 18th, 1905 (November 18 1905)EventPrince Carl of Denmark becomes King Haakon VII of Norway.
November 18th, 1904 (November 18 1904)EventGeneral Esteban Huertas steps down after the government of Panama fears he wants to stage a coup.
November 18th, 1904 (November 18 1904)BirthJean Paul Lemieux, Quebec painter (died in 1990)
November 18th, 1903 (November 18 1903)EventThe Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty is signed by the United States and Panama, giving the Americans exclusive rights over the Panama Canal Zone.
November 18th, 1901 (November 18 1901)BirthGeorge Gallup, American statistician and opinion pollster (died in 1984)George Gallup Quotes
November 18th, 1899 (November 18 1899)BirthEugene Ormandy, Hungarian-born conductor (died in 1985)
November 18th, 1898 (November 18 1898)BirthJoris Ivens, Dutch filmmaker (died in 1989)
November 18th, 1897 (November 18 1897)BirthPatrick Blackett, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1974)
November 18th, 1889 (November 18 1889)DeathWilliam Allingham, Irish authorWilliam Allingham Quotes
November 18th, 1886 (November 18 1886)DeathChester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States (born in 1829)Chester A. Arthur Quotes
November 18th, 1883 (November 18 1883)EventAmerican and Canadian railroads institute five standard continental time zones, ending the confusion of thousands of local times.
November 18th, 1883 (November 18 1883)BirthCarl Vinson, U.S. Congressman (died in 1981)
November 18th, 1882 (November 18 1882)BirthAmelita Galli-Curci, Italian soprano (died in 1963)
November 18th, 1882 (November 18 1882)BirthJacques Maritain, French philosopher (died in 1973) Philo Quotes
November 18th, 1874 (November 18 1874)BirthClarence Day, American author (died in 1935)
November 18th, 1865 (November 18 1865)EventMark Twain s story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County is published in the New York Saturday Press.Mark Twain Quotes
November 18th, 1863 (November 18 1863)EventKing Christian IX of Denmark decided to sign the november constitution, which declared Schleswig as part of Denmark, what was seen by the German Confederation as a violation of the London Protocol and lead to the German-Danish war of 1864.
November 18th, 1861 (November 18 1861)BirthDorothy Dix, pseudonym of US journalist Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (died in 1951)
November 18th, 1856 (November 18 1856)BirthNikolai Nikolaevich Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia (died in 1929)
November 18th, 1852 (November 18 1852)EventRose Philippine Duchesne dies in St. Charles, Missouri. She would be canonized on July 3, 1988 by Pope John Paul II.
November 18th, 1839 (November 18 1839)BirthAugust Kundt, German physicist (died in 1894)
November 18th, 1836 (November 18 1836)BirthSir William S. Gilbert, British dramatist (died in 1911)
November 18th, 1836 (November 18 1836)BirthCesare Lombroso, Italian psychiatrist and founder of criminology (died in 1909)Cesare Lombroso Quotes
November 18th, 1832 (November 18 1832)BirthAdolf Erik Nordenskiold, Swedish explorer (died in 1901)
November 18th, 1814 (November 18 1814)DeathWilliam Jessop, British civil engineer (born in 1745)
November 18th, 1804 (November 18 1804)BirthAlfonso Ferrero la Marmora, Italian general and statesman (died in 1878)
November 18th, 1803 (November 18 1803)EventThe Battle of Vertieres, the last major battle of the Haitian Revolution, is fought, leading to the establishment of the Republic of Haiti, the first black republic in the Western Hemisphere.
November 18th, 1797 (November 18 1797)DeathJacques-Alexandre Laffon de Ladebat, French shipbuilder and merchant (born in 1719)
November 18th, 1787 (November 18 1787)BirthLouis-Jacques Daguerre, French inventor and photographer (died in 1851)
November 18th, 1786 (November 18 1786)BirthCarl Maria von Weber, German composer (died in 1826)
November 18th, 1785 (November 18 1785)BirthDavid Wilkie, British artist (died in 1841)
November 18th, 1785 (November 18 1785)DeathLouis Philip I, Duke of Orleans, French soldier and writer (born in 1725)
November 18th, 1774 (November 18 1774)BirthWilhelmine of Prussia, queen of the Netherlands (died in 1837)
November 18th, 1772 (November 18 1772)BirthLouis Ferdinand of Prussia, German prince (died in 1806)
November 18th, 1727 (November 18 1727)BirthPhilibert Commercon, French naturalist (died in 1773)
November 18th, 1724 (November 18 1724)DeathBartolomeu de Gusmao, Portuguese naturalist (born in 1685)
November 18th, 1686 (November 18 1686)EventCharles Francois Felix operates on King Louis XIV of France s anal fistula after practicing the surgery on several peasants. Louis XIV of France Quotes
November 18th, 1647 (November 18 1647)BirthPierre Bayle, French philosopher (died in 1706) Philo Quotes
November 18th, 1630 (November 18 1630)BirthEleanor Gonzaga, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire (died in 1686)
November 18th, 1626 (November 18 1626)EventSt. Peter s Basilica is consecrated.
November 18th, 1590 (November 18 1590)DeathGeorge Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, English statesman (born in 1528)
November 18th, 1559 (November 18 1559)DeathCuthbert Tunstall, English churchman (born in 1474)
November 18th, 1522 (November 18 1522)BirthLamoral, Count of Egmont, Flemish general and statesman (died in 1568)
November 18th, 1493 (November 18 1493)EventChristopher Columbus first sights what is now Puerto Rico.Christopher Columbus Quotes
November 18th, 1477 (November 18 1477)EventWilliam Caxton produces Dictes or Sayengis of the Philosophres, the first book printed on a printing press in England. Philo Quotes
November 18th, 1421 (November 18 1421)EventA seawall at the Zuiderzee dike breaks, flooding 72 villages and killing about 10,000 people in the Netherlands.
November 18th, 1307 (November 18 1307)EventAccording to legend, William Tell shoots an apple off of his son s head.
November 18th, 1305 (November 18 1305)DeathJohn II, Duke of Brittany (born in 1239)
November 18th, 1302 (November 18 1302)EventPope Boniface VIII issues the Papal bull Unam sanctam (The Holy One).
November 18th, 1154 (November 18 1154)DeathAdelaide de Maurienne, wife of Louis VI of France (born in 1092)
November 18th, 1095 (November 18 1095)EventThe Council of Clermont, called by Pope Urban II to discuss sending the First Crusade to the Holy Land, begins.
November 18th, 0326 (November 18 0326)EventThe old St. Peter s Basilica is consecrated.

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